My process of making begins by observing the world (often focusing on natural things like plants, insects and rock formations) and interpreting what I see through drawing and taking photographs. The value of this is more in the action of drawing and photographing than in the actual drawings and photos that are produced. Doing this gives origin to ideas that I would probably not come to by any other means.

This body of work with graphite is both a reflection and a result of this process. They are tactile, organic forms that use graphite in unusual ways, changing the relationship of the user to the drawing medium. Drawing with these objects is experimental, gestural, and liberating, bringing about a playful performance of the drawing process.

Knowing through making is a valid and valuable way of understanding that is often overlooked, and I feel that this work with graphite reflects this belief. The inspiration for my first piece created with graphite was a performance by artist Janine Antoni entitled, “Loving Care,” in which she dipped her hair into hair dye and mopped the floor of the gallery with her hair, creating marks and learning how to use her body in and extreme and unusual ways. The intention of my piece was personal: As a shy person, I created a tool that provided the impetus to move my body in ways I would not otherwise have had the courage to explore. Thus far, only a number of friends and I have used these objects. I would like to invite others to use them to see what kinds of marks and drawings different kinds of people would make. What would dancers do with them? Other kinds of artists? Or even people who do not consider themselves artists? I feel that this kind of experimentation in the use of these objects is necessary to fully complete and exploration of my current work, and to invent new drawing tools. How might my objects influence their movements and ideas about drawing? Conversely, how will they influence the design and purpose of my objects?